The branch of Shariah that deals with the actions of the heart is called ‘tazkiyah’ .Tazkiyah is the spirit (ruh) and the state of perfection of the religion.

Its role is to rids man’s heart of vile and evil attributes such as lust, anger, malice, jealousy, love of the world,love of fame, stinginess, greed, ostentation, vanity,deceit, calamities of the tongue, and the like. At the same time it seeks to adorn the heart with the lofty attributes of perseverance, gratitude, fear of Allah, hope, abstention, unity, trust, love, truthfulness, truth, remorse, reflection, reckoning, contemplation, and so on.

Hence, it becomes apparent that the goals of ‘Tazkiyah’ must be achieved by every believer, since they are commanded in the Qur’an Majeed and Sayings of The Messenger (Sallallahualaihiwasallam).

According to the teachings of Islam , the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala (zikr) plays a vital role in cleansing and polishing the heart. It is for this reason we are commanded by the Qur’an Majeed to remember Allah Ta’al a at all times.

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