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Ar-Rahmah Academy

Islam Awareness & Education Centre

Ar-Rahmah Academy ( UK Charity Registered No.1115618) was established in the year 2004, to bring about a better understanding and awareness of the the teachings of Islam among the general community.

The Academy  endeavors to meet the educational and spiritual needs of Muslims, in particular the youth and children.

Ar-Rahmah Academy  in addition aims  to address common misconceptions & misunderstandings regarding the religion of Islam.

Through learning, understanding and becoming practical embodiments of Islamic teachings our children and youth will contribute positively to the wider community.

To achieve its objectives the Academy holds regular events, distributes free literature and teaches classes & courses right from the basics of Islam to a more in-depth study of the Islamic sciences.

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Elementary Education

Structured Islamic Education for children aged 4 and over

Advanced Education

Hifz of the Glorious Qur'an & Aalimiyyah

Adult Education

Classes for Adults in a variety of subjects

Masjid Ibraheem



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