The Academy offers a comprehensive and structured Islamic education for boys and girls aged four and above.
Classes run from Monday-Friday 4:45 pm-6;45pm
During their time at the Academy pupils will study a wide range of topics and books in a systematic way. Areas covered include; correct recitation of the Qur’an Majeed, Islamic Beliefs, Islamic Jurisprudence, Sayings & Teachings of the Messenger of Allah Ta’la(Sallallahualaihiwasallam) and Islamic History.

Our syllabus is divided in three key areas;

  • Qur’an recitation with ‘tajweed’
  • The Ar-Rahmah Syllabus
  • Spiritual Development

Qur’an Recitation

Reciting the Qur’an Majeed correctly is necessary for every Muslim.
The habits (good or bad) that are developed early on have a long and lasting effect on a child’s ability to recite the Qur’an Majeed correctly.

At the Academy great importance is attached to ensuring every child gets off to a good start in learning to pronounce the letters of the Arabic alphabet correctly. Rules of ‘tajweed’ are gradually introduced and emphasized so by the time a child is reciting the Qur’an Majeed they are aware of the rules of tajweed and are confident in implementing them.

The Ar-Rahmah Syllabus

This syllabus has been put together by the Academy itself and covers many important areas in a gradual and systematic method. The new revised syllabus is now available. You can use this to assist your child at home and keep a track of their progress.

Spiritual Development

Islamic Knowledge is not the mere learning of words and the gathering of information, rather it is a special light which enters the heart and enables the heart to become a treasure of lofty morals.
At the Academy Maktab, the teachers are fully aware of the importance of moral training and spiritual development and so the imparting of knowledge goes hand in hand with this important branch of Islam