Hifz programme

Since its inception in 2004, Ar-Rahmah Academy has been running a Hifz programme. This entails the memorisation of the Holy Qur’an, using traditional teaching methods, as espoused bt classsical Islamic scholars.

The course requires a thorough knowledge of reading the Qur’an (Naazirah), along with the correct pronounciation of the Arabic letters(Tajweed). Everything needed for the Hifz programme is taught in our Maktab programme.

The programme is taught in small class sizes, headed by dedicated teachers. The Academy maintains Islamic principles and an Islamic environment ensuring that the correct supplements are provided during the course of this most holy endeavour.
Currently, two classes are taught in parallel: a Hifz programme for boys and also one for girls at the same time.

Class times boys: Monday-Friday 4:45pm-7:45pm Girls: Monday-Friday 4:45p-7:15pm
As well as producing vessels that carry the Qur’an, Ar-Rahmah Academy aims to ensure that the hearts of its graduates are in unison with its teachings.

Aalimiyyah Course

The Alimiyyah course is an extensive study of the Islamic Sciences.
The duration of this course is six years after which successful pupils graduate as qualified ‘Ulama’ (Islamic Scholars)
Class times are Monday-Friday 4:45 pm-7:15 pm  (Girls) Monday-Friday 4:45pm-7:45pm (Boys)

Areas covered include; urdu, classical arabic, Islamic jurisprudence, Hadith and exegesis of the Qur’an Majeed. This  course is offered to boys and girls (subject to age, test and interview).