Ar-Rahmah Academy Madrasah Regulations (Revised 2018)


The minimum age of admission is 4 years.
Priority for admissions is given to siblings of current pupils.
The following is required at the time of confirmation of a place for the applicant;
A completed and signed application form
A copy of birth certificate (if asked for)
Admission fee (£20.00)
A completed Standing Order Form (If paying fee via Standing Order Form)

Dress Code for Pupils

Boys: Topee (cap), Long Kurta or Arabic thuawb (long shirt, preferably white and length reaching below the knees).

Girls: Jubba (Preferably plain black and loose fitting reaching the ankles)
All Pupils must conform to Islamic Teachings of Dress and appearance

Fees & Other Costs

Admission fee is £20.00
Fee is payable quarterly (every three months). Please contact the Academy for the current fee rate.
Late payment of fee (after the passing of the whole quarter in which fee is due) will incur an extra £5.00 administration fee.

Study material costs (books and stationary) will be met by parents.

Standard Hours of Education

All Nazirah Classes: 4:45pm-6:45pm Mon-Fri
Hifz and Arabic & Islamic Studies Classes (Boys): 4:45-7:45 Mon-Fri
Hifz and Arabic & Islamic Studies (Girls): 4:45-7:15 Mon-Fri

Discipline & Conduct

Friday after class detention can be given by the class teacher for poor conduct. (Year 7 plus only).

Detention is normally on a Friday and parents will be notified at least 24 hours in advance.

Any form of continuous misconduct from pupils may result in permanent expulsion.

Electrical audio output devices are strictly not allowed in the Academy. Mobile phones are allowed but must be switched off before class and turned on outside the Academy after class.

Procedure for permanent expulsion is: 1) Verbal Warning 2) Written Warning 3)Expulsion

Attendance and Punctuality

The following regulations have been adopted to ensure pupils make good progress in their learning.
Implementation of these rules is vital for the management and smooth running of the Academy.


Arriving to class after 4:50pm is considered to be late arrival to class.

If the starting time for Madrasah for any class is other than 4:45pm then arriving more than 5 minutes after the appointed beginning time will be considered late.

Unauthorised Lateness and Absence

The Parent (not the pupil) must inform the Academy of the reason for being late or absent before 5:30pm on the same day. Failing to do so will be considered as unauthorised lateness or absence.

Penalty for unauthorised lateness and absence

For every unauthorised absence and for more than 1 unauthorised lateness per week a half an hour detention will be given after Madrasah. Detention will normally be on a Friday and Parents will be notified at least 24 hours before.

Failing to attend two continuous detentions will result in the pupil’s name being removed from the register. The pupil will be required to reapply for admission and make up for the missed detentions.

Method of Notifying (for all pupils)

Parents (not pupils) must notify of lateness or absence on the same day before 5:30 pm via text message on 07812 369804 or by calling 01257 543786

Permission for pupils leaving early must be sought by parents on the above number. Pupils will not be allowed to leave early without prior notice by parents.

Continuous Unauthorised Absence

If any pupil is absent from Madrasah for more than five days without authorisation their name will be removed from the Madrasah register. The pupil will be required to reapply.

Holidays and Leave

Holidays in term time without prior authorisation will be considered unauthorised absence and pupils will be required to reapply. The Madrasah Calendar is available on the Academy’s website.

Alternative Hours

Pupils not attending madrasah during the standard hours will be required to fill in an ‘Alternative Hours’ form and submit it to the Madrasah for approval. Please note, the fees for such pupils will remain the same. Please contact the Academy for a form.

Questions & Concerns

Parents may contact the principal on 01257 543786 regarding any aspect of a pupil’s education.


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