By the Grace of Allah Ta’ala and your generous donations, Ar-Rahmah Academy has completed the works to convert the main hall in the property on Park Road to a proper Masjid (masjid u shar’ee).

The Masjid, named after Prophet Ibrahim (ala nabiyyina wa alayhi assalat u wassalaam) will inshaAllah, endeavour to serve the local community by imparting the beautiful teachings of Islam in a special atmosphere of warmth and tranquility.

Masjid-e-Ibrahim will provide educational programmes and classes for all sections of the community.

The Carpet for the Masjid

MashaAllah, through your generous donations,  the carpet for  the masjid area (approx. 295 sqm) has also been paid for and  ordered.

The Current Need

We are now in the process of redoing the Ablution area (wudhu khana) and renovating the entrance areas.

If you would like to help please donate using the details below.

Ways to Donate

Bank Transfer is the best option.


Ar-Rahmah Academy

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Account no.: 71416588

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For cash donations or more details please contact the Academy on 01257 543786