Donation Appeal for Building works Masjid-e-Ibraheem Chorley

(Work is still ongoing at Masjid e Ibraheem)

Virtue of assisting in the building of a Masjid

The Prophet (sallallahualaiwasallam) said, “Whoever builds a house (Masjid) for the (pleasure) of Allah, Allah will build a house for him in Jannah

The Commentators of Hadith state that it is not necessary for one to, alone, build a complete masjid to acquire the above reward, rather any sincere donation that goes towards the total cost will result in this great reward!

By the Grace of Allah Ta’ala Ar-Rahmah Academy has initiated building works to convert the main hall in the property on Park Road to a proper Masjid (masjid u shar’ee).

The Masjid, named after Prophet Ibrahim (ala nabiyyina wa alayhi assalat u wassalaam) will inshaAllah, endeavour to serve the local community by imparting the beautiful teachings of Islam in a special atmosphere of warmth and tranquility.

Masjid-e-Ibrahim will provide educational programmes and classes for all sections of the community.

The Project

The conversion project is anticipated to cost approximately £75,000 and will be completed before the end of Dec 2019.

This is a special appeal for a very noble action and we hope all Brothers and Sisters will donate generously.

Suggested Donation

Cost of one Musallah is approximately £120

We appeal to all brothers and sisters to try and donate the cost of at least one musallah.

All smaller donations are welcome.

By donating you will receive the reward of any good actions carried out in Masjed-e-Ibrahim till the day of Qiyamah.

You may wish to donate the cost of a musallah as isaale thawaab on behalf of you near and dear ones (living or deceased).

Ways to Donate

Bank Transfer is the best option.


Ar-Rahmah Academy

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For cash donations or more details please contact the Academy on 01257 543786